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I’m Terri, I live in Yorkshire with my husband Scotty and our gorgeous little girl Elle, just outside of Doncaster.

I've been shooting weddings since 2015. For 8 years I worked as a Shoots Editor in the magazine industry, which basically means I made things look pretty. I art directed photo shoots for magazines such as Marie Claire, InStyle and Look magazine. I loved my job but when we had out little girl in 2017 it was time to move out of London and back to wonderful Yorkshire to be near family and shoot weddings full-time. Since then I've shot weddings everwhere from London to Italy and haven't looked back.

Travelling is a huge passion of mine, especially the USA. We travel there pretty much once a year to varies states and love experiencing the magic each state has to offer. Favourite places include Yosemite, Big Sur and Florida Keys. We covered the West Coast for our honeymoon and it was incredible, I can defintley recommend!

Over the years I have been lucky enough to be featured in Brides, Look Magazine and Elle and well as many online blogs. When it comes to my photography style, I love capturing emotion, those photos that make you beam from ear to ear and that you will treasure forever. I also love capturing details (I remember how much work they take to create!) I still have many 'pinch me' moments that I get to do this for a living. It a real priviledge to be part of someones wedding and I truly mean it when I say I love it! 

Here's a little fun quiz to get to know me a little better:

If you were a _______ what would you be?

FOOD: Milkybar Buttons

DRINK: A fancy G&T with a dash of elderflower

FLOWER: A bunch of Coral Peonies

SHOP:  Anthropologie

ITEM OF CLOTHING: A floral midi dress

PLACE: We have covered the US but I also have a huge love for Iceland


CELEB: Kate Winslet - I love her elegance!

SONG: Spice Girls, STOP!  (If you can do the dance, we will be friends forever!)