Nina + Alex's Essex Barn Wedding

These guys are one of the nicest couples I have ever photographed. Their wedding was a romantic barn wedding at Maiden's Barn in Essex. I have also never known a wedding with more helpful groomsmen! Alex gave them a megaphone to help get guests in line for the family formals. For this I will be forever grateful! By the end of the evening I felt just like one of the guests and their family and friends made me feel so welcome. I have a lot of thanks to give Nina & Alex. I remember their phone call last year sometime when Alex called me up to ask if I would be their wedding photographer. Having never shot a wedding, I just blurted out 'yes' not really realising where that 'yes' would take me! I panicked immediately and started down the crazy road of photography courses, buying new gear, and practise practise practise! It seems crazy to me now that this was how this rollercoaster photography journey started, but it's safe to say I am now well and truly hooked. It was so important to me when their big day came around that I didn't let them down, and hopefully guys you love your pictures! Thanks for choosing me and thanks for opening my mind to the dream career I always wanted.