Let US Eat Cake

This weekend was a pretty hectic one, it started on Saturday standing at the Excel London for Irene Yap Photography at The Wedding Fair, London. It was such a good day, speaking to loads of brides and grooms talking about their plans for their big day. We had enquires upto 2019! Well planned B&G's! The fair was fab though, I also got to speak to loads of great vendors and how 2016 is going for them, its so important in this industry to speak to your fellow colleagues and support each other on this crazy rollercoaster ride of owning a business!

Then, on Sunday my Nanna came down from Doncaster, this was her first time staying over at our home and I was SO excited to have her here. Shes just an awesome woman, i've always been close to her since I was little but since my Grandpops passed away at Christmas I just want to spend ever minute of every day with her.

My Nanna actually made my wedding cake which was beautiful and such a special experience, choosing colours and designs together. So what better place to spend the day together than at Cake international at Alexandra Palace, we had such a fun day out and ate SO much cake!

Also, Alexandra Palace is just beautiful, with views that sweep all over London and the palm greenhouse inside (*taking note for future engagment shoots) its so beautiful!

They hold a international cake competition which is truly stunning! I could have stopped and stared at them for hours, i couldnt believe some of them where actually cake! The detail and hours that must have gone into them blew me away. If there was anything to prove that cake making is definitely an art, this was it!

The range of ideas that were showcased meant there was definitely something for everyone, I must admit I expected most of the display cakes to be quite traditional but I was SO wrong, I think everything featured from a whole circus tent full of indivdual cake acts to horror film creations. Obviously I was drawn to the girly flamingo cake though!

The cake below, eventhough not really my kind of subject matter, in the flesh was just incredible. I wouldn't even like to think how many hours went into this cake. At over 6ft tall and 3ft wide, it was for the sure an eye catcher from the show.

What was my favourite cake from the how I hear you asking... Well it wasn't the biggest, actually it was pretty small but THE DETAIL of this cake was mind blowing! It also won best in show for the whole competition and i'm not surprised. For people that know me, know how much I love cacti, so cacti + cake = perfection! The florals in this cake looked so real, i got closer and closer and it still didn't look like sugarcraft!

I also had THE best ice cream i have ever had courtesy of The Ice Cream Cab - I really recommend them for a quirky addition for an outdoor wedding, the Rasberry Cream scoop was so dreamy and Tom was ace!

Signing off with a little shot of me and my Nanna in the palms, when I was young she used to make me sit in the flowers in her garden and pose so I'm now repaying the favor!

Have a fab week,

T x