Finally I have a home office....

Ok so firstly - disclaimer - I'm terrible at blogging, just going to put it out there, I hate words OK! I'm more of a picture gal! But... I know I need to do it - SEO crap and all so here's my attempt. However if you are a grammar/spelling freak I would turn away now as I don't do either very well!

With that said, here's my first personal post in ages, and the subject matter is actually why I haven't been able to find time to blog! I finally have a home office/studio, its been a long time coming and boy was it hard work. So many hours lost in DIY - if anyone has tried to put up coving themselves, you will understand! Internal/external corners boggled my brain, but finally its here and it was worth all the hard work. I love it! Everything is now suitably organised and looking so damn pretty I had to share it - plus the DIY was so painful I need some likes to make me love it again.

Home Office

I finally have a place for my 'pretty crap' as Scotty calls it. Its been collected over years, from car boots, many a stationary shop and vintage fayre but it looks ace in here and I get away with it all as I can now call them 'props'.

2016 so far has not been the best year - I have just worked really really hard - but now with the new office I'm starting to see how things can get better and that hard work really does pay off. I've commissioned my first still life project for a lovely stationary brand in the studio and 2016 is full of so many wonderful weddings - including my first destination wedding - so yes its been hard work but SO worth it! 

We have also had to do the office on the tightest of budgets as Scotty has taken the leap into self employment too but I think it looks great, luckily with my collection of pretty bits and pieces that helped keep the budget down. I just love my Anthony Burrill 'I am Happy print' The neon colours look fab and I love his simple but truthful wording on his prints. It really does make this THE place I am most happy.

Its such a great place to work - the light is ace - and its finally nice to see out into our garden when working, especially with the weather getting better.

I hope you think its just as pretty as I do, now i better get back to editing. First blog - DONE! YAY! Maybe I might do another one soon you never know! It aint that bad after all. 

T x