Big Day Questionnaire

Your wedding is almost here!! I'm so excited to celebrate with you. This questionnaire not only gives me a feeling for your big day but also it is so important when it comes to the running of the day. It means I wont have to bother you with silly timing questions on your day and helps things run smoothly between myself and your other suppliers. It also helps me get to know you both a little more, and how you visualise your wedding photos. I want to provide you with images that knock you off your feet and take you back to all the emotion on the day so I really appreciate you taking this time to fill this in. This form will take about 20 - 30 mins to fill in, the photographer tends to be someone people turn to on the day for any questions so it really helps to know as much as possible. Timings will inevitably change on the day and that's completely normal so please don't worry if they do, I'm 100% flexible and will work with your other suppliers to ensure you don't even notice. I'm there to shoot your day your way, so should you need anything on the day, extra group shots or change in the timeline just let me know.

Now, let's get this timeline sorted...

Only required if photographing Person 2 getting ready

Only required if photographing Person 2 getting ready

Only required if photographing Person 2 getting ready

(If you are not getting ready at the same address then a second shooter will be required for both sets of getting ready photos)

Just in case of any emergency

Don't worry if you would rather me take the lead on this, usually directly after the ceremony is recommended

Please list people by their FULL names and relationship in each group - please bare in mind it takes 5 minutes per group shot therefore keep in mind how much time this takes on the day.

Are you a couple who would like more posed and styled shots? Is laughter and smiling a huge part of who you both are? Or are you one of each? Tell me all about your personalities and how you feel about having your photos taken

So my thing is to capture couples authentically and for you to look back the images remembering what an amazing time you had so if you have anything secretly that makes you laugh just between you, a word, a phrase, a silly dance, anything

Quite a biggy this, but I want to understand what's important to you. Is it the way you guys look at each other and the love between you, is it how you guys could throw an an amazing party, is it the inbetween moments? Give me an insight into why you wanted a wedding photographer.

Obviously these shots will always be my priority however please keep in mind, due to the uncertainties on a wedding day, these are a guide and may not be guaranteed

Extra hours cost £200 per hour