The wedding photos! I would argue the wedding photographer is the most important supplier you can choose for your wedding. Sounds like a big statement but after spending hours choosing the perfect dress and having a million different Pinterest boards on different types of centerpieces, all that’s left after the honeymoon are the photos (and each other, of course!)

I take my job as a wedding photographer very seriously; it’s a huge responsibility to photograph someone’s wedding. I appreciate every couple that wants me to be part of it and lets me experience the day they have thought about for months, sometimes even years.

I want to capture every moment and every detail. So choosing someone that speaks to you is so important. I honestly don’t mind if that’s not me! It’s such a personal choice, do they shoot in the style you like? Have they got the relevant insurances and backup systems? Do they seem like the kind of person you would like at your wedding? All so important, so here are my 7 tips on choosing someone that’s right for you.

1. Choose your style 

So many different types of wedding photographers out there! It can get so confusing! So my advice would be to choose a style first to narrow it down, do you like colour in your photos? Or do you like the more muted style? Do you like to be posed or would you like more reportage? If your not sure, my advice would be to start a Pinterest board of general wedding photos that appeal to you and when you have a few on there, you will start to notice a style that stands out. I would say my style is a mixture of the above, most of the day you shouldn't notice me as I capture the moments happening between you and your guests but then during your couple portraits I will guide you into natural poses that look fab on camera and get you having fun to bring out the happiness and love between you both.

2. Follow them

Not literally of course! But, you can tell a lot from people’s social media account. Every wedding photographer that’s worth having will be on Instagram, so my advice is follow a few favourites before even getting in contact. Seeing their stories can give you a great idea of who they are and seeing their style pop up on your feed will really make you realise if they stand out to you. It’s also great to look through their feed see if they are consistent with their style.

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3. Ask questions

You might like their style but now it’s time to ask those tricky but necessary questions. A big one: wedding insurance. Any wedding photographer that is worth having on your wedding day WILL have insurance but ALWAYS check. Things happen but you want to know everything is covered just in case so just ask. Do they have backup equipment in case the worst should happen? Let’s face it, we are dealing with technical equipment, things break! So having backup cameras, cards, everything is so important. Trust me, having to deal with any of the above as a wedding photographer is our worst nightmare so most people will have the necessary backup kit, but don't be afraid to ask!

4. Do you like them? 

I offer a video consultation with every couple that get in touch, or if possible a face to face meeting is even better! You are inviting this person to your WEDDING! It would be nice to at least get a sense if you like them beforehand. Just getting chatting, you will quickly see if you have rapport with them. 

5. Budget 

A tricky thing to talk about but a necessary one. Weddings are expensive! Wedding photographers can start at a couple of hundred all the way up to tens of thousands, so choosing a budget that is right for you before you start looking is important!

Of course, it completely depends on how much you value photography. When choosing my wedding photographer it was number one on the list, but I do understand that’s not everyone. If I can be honest for a minute, running a wedding business is really expensive. I know a lot of people think we turn up with a camera, download the images and that’s it. I hear it all the time, how can Wedding photographers charge that much? I won’t bore with too many details but after all the equipment, insurance, software and general business costs, you are also paying for editing time. On average I take between 4000-6000 images a wedding, every single one of those photos gets looked at by me and about 1000 of them get individually edited to my style. It takes time to provide an amazing product and good customer service.

So, go with your gut, if they are super cheap it’s probably for a reason and if you find someone who’s way out of your budget but you love, then start the conversation with them. If you love them that much you can find a way to have them be part of your day. 

6. Testimonials 

You can tell if people are passionate about a product or service from a review, right? And it’s the same with wedding photography. Most should have them on their websites but if not, check their Facebook or Google reviews. And worst case, just ask for them but in all honestly any of the top photographers you will want to photograph your wedding will want to shout from the roof tops what people think of them so you shouldn’t really miss them! 

7. Ask to see FULL weddings 

It’s always good to ask to see a full gallery, it’s easy to show five great images from a wedding on your Instagram feed, but have they caught the details, or the small moments that happen without you even noticing on your wedding day? Ask them to send over a gallery or two that would be similar to your day, ideally even at your chosen venue.

Take into consideration the type of venue you have chosen, or the time of year you are getting married (for instance at Winter weddings, you will be shooting with less daylight.) Make sure they can shoot in all types of conditions and handle different scenarios. It’s also great to see if all the images together tell a story of the day. 

Right, that’s it, I hope this has helped you decide what kind of wedding photographer you are after, it's such a huge decision. I hope it's me, but like I said I totally understand if it isn't.

If you have any more questions or would like me to send you my brochure with all my pricing details please do get in touch here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Terri x