I have known Emily for quite a few years now as she used to work with me as a fellow art director and designer. When I first got to know Emily she actually wasn't with Ross but I had heard alot about him as they were childhood sweethearts and used to date between the ages of 13-19 and you could tell Ross held a very special place in Emily's heart. So when she announced that they were back together 15 years later after their first date I fell in love with their story! I'm a sucker for a romantic story and these two just made my heart melt. We met in Hurley for their pre-wedding shoot at their wedding venue, it's such a beautiful place, and we needed to take advantage of that gorgeous corn field which will have been cut before the big day. If I couldn't love these two enough we were walking around on the shoot, both of them nervous to be in front of the camera, and Ross turned to Emily and said 'it's just lovely to spend time and get close with you' - man he is a sweetie! I'm sure Ross will hate being described like that but he really is. I just can't wait to see these two get married, it really is their happily ever after and I couldn't be happier for them. Em is one of the nicest people to have come across in my job and its an absolute 100% pleasure to be photographing every single part of their wedding day.