Lockdown with two children under 3

So everyone has faced challenges in lockdown during this Coronavirus outbreak, whether that be illness, financial woes or something else entirely, it's safe to say it's been tough all round for everyone. As a mum and a business owner, things have definitely changed. I'm being thrown into the life of solo parenting 5 days a week while my husband continues to work from our make shift bedroom office, all the while trying to save my business. It's been tough. I'm someone that thrives on being busy, having a range of activities for the week (and some childcare) to find that almost perfect balance. But you know what? If you take away the external worries about the world right now, I've actually savoured this time, my eldest starts school next year and I secretly wanted to pause time and take in everything before my baby grows up. It's given us time to reflect on actually what does make me happy and not what you think does. And it's been time for me and my husband to pull together as a team more than ever to make life work for us all. It's been tricky but it's worked and we are more grateful for our health, family/friends and the simple things in life than we ever have been.

So I decided I wanted to document this time, from morning to night, and all the good and the bad. Now I do want to say to any parents reading this, this was a good parenting day. It was a Saturday, so we were parenting as a duo. The kids both had attention so were in fairly good moods and the sun was shining which always makes things easier doesn't it? I just wanted to mention this; most days parenting these two solo does not look like this. It would usually include a lot more tantrums and a heck of a lot more mess! These images are all real life though, all real situations, no posing (OK I might have said 'just go sit in those bluebells' once) I just let the kids lead the way and this is what it looked like.

So here it is Saturday 2nd of May 2020, in lockdown, with two children under 3 and a husband that frankly I couldn't have done this without...

Fancy a family photography session?

I've added to the Terri Pashley Photography family, with a new company called Belle & Bobo. So if you fancy a family shoot to celebrate lock-down being over or to mark a special occasion please get in touch. You can get in touch here, I would love to hear from you! Website is coming soon but please follow my instagram account @belleandbobo

P.s I am currently offering doorstep portraits

I've seen a few photographers doing it and I think capturing this strange time in history is just wonderful, they have made me smile.

These 5-10 minute photoshoots, completely adhere to social distancing guidelines, outside your front door. Bring your children, your pets or any props you like. A few photos to capture what life looked like for you and your family right now. Let's have fun together while raising some money for an amazing cause.

They are £25 with 20% of all proceeds going to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

If you fancy a spot find me on Instagram @terripashleyphotography or email me at hello@terripashleyphotography.co.uk