I have a new album company, Folio Albums. They make beautiful products, like, really beautiful. I chose to partner with Folio for a few reasons, I personally think they lovely people, they are based 20 mins from my home town, in Barnsley (keeping it Yorkshire) , they are an ethical company, all their products are recycled where possible, and all the leather from their albums are sourced from suppliers committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals. Above all, their products just have such quality, the leather on the albums is super soft and the fact my clients can personalise them to make them extra special is just a bonus. Names can be embossed with the date of your wedding and more recently you can now have this in gold foil and everyone knows I love abit of gold!

When I received my sample album it got me thinking, why should we print our pictures? There is something about these albums that feel really special, just unwrapping the tissue paper and pulling it out of the canvas bag, it is something you will treasure forever. I'm a massive lover of print, I've worked in the magazine industry for 7 years so I am a tad bias but there is just something about holding and feeling images in print that I LOVE! Here are my main 5 reasons I believe we should print pictures all the time:

1 – To see your memories daily

The first reason is plain and simple, you actually get to see your memories everyday. Even if for a split second in the day you think about a person, you may smile or laugh. You may be having a bad day and just for that small second it will just cheer you up and make your realise life is not so bad.

2 – Its proven that having something tactile makes you happier

In a study of reading books vs kindle, people that hold and read a paper book not only take in more of the story but actually enjoy it more. They have a tactile sense of progress as they read through the book page by page. Its similar with our images, holding an image gives you more of a connection to the story of the picture, the time and place it was taken and memories of the people within it.

3 – You are more likely to share these memories with other people

This may sound strange in a world of social media when everything Is 'shared' but are we actually sharing? We may scroll past your friends birthday pictures or nosey at what that friend from school looked like on her wedding day but we are not sharing in their moments, how they feel about the pictures and sharing stories from the day together. After my wedding I bought a few close family members an album from the day, it was a real talking point for people, they would visit people especially to show and chat about their experiences, my Nanna even took it to her WI class. It really connects people, you feel and experience their memories with them.

4 – You just never know

Yes, you would hope that everyone has a back-up of their back-up or that hard drives don't break but these things happen and just on that small chance you will be very glad that album exists.

5 – It's actually really exciting!

Don't underestimate the feeling of getting something physical to feel touch and love. If its an album, even the anticipation of waiting to receive it can be really exciting. Not forgetting how exciting it can be to give/receive them as a gift!

Album prices start from £485 for a 10 x 10 or £565 for a 12 x 12, this includes 20 spreads (40 sides), genuine leather cover and cover personalisation. If you would like any more details about the albums or prints, please do get in touch here.